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"Such a great idea, and so much better than just a song rec." - Madeline

"It's making me feel so grateful to realize all over again how healing and clarifying music is." - Ashley

"It feels like a wonderful medium for artists to see fans reflect on their work and feel that reward." - Cole

What is This Song Changed My Life?

This Song Changed My Life is an independent music publication from visual artist Grace Lilly, featuring essays from people all around the world about the songs that mean the most to them.

Who reads TSCML?

Anyone who loves music 

My readers are sentimental music lovers who dig a good story.

They’re open-minded enthusiasts who believe in the power of a great song.

They’re curious, creative, and always ready to discover new tunes while enjoying a sense of connection with contributors, the artists they write about, and one another.

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What you’ll get:

  • Community Essays
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    People share personal stories about the songs that changed their lives

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    Bite-sized spotlights on artists I love, readable in 3 minutes or less

Why sign up?

Real people, real stories

It’s like a totally subjective human music-recommendation machine

I believe we feel most connected to one another when we open up and share our experiences. In an increasingly lonely world, TSCML exists as an antidote to the sterility of the algorithm.

Here you’ll find ultra-personal stories from real people all over the world, gathered intentionally to make you feel more connected to others through music.

Supported by readers like you

Each week I spend significant time writing, contacting writers, editing, illustrating, publishing, and promoting every post.

When you subscribe, you let me know that it’s time well spent and I should keep doing it.

And when you support TSCML financially, you make a concrete impact on its continued existence.

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How we got here

It all started in 2007… For curious minds, I wrote The Origin Story of how this project came to be.


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I’m a New York City based artist. You might know me through Instagram as @gracefullyweird. To learn more about me and my other projects, check out my personal newsletter, Weirdly Good <3

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Essays from people all around the world about the songs that mean the most to them. Created (and illustrated) by Grace Lilly.


Grace Lilly is an artist living in New York City
Editor at This Song Changed My Life